Our services for Systems integrators

Our mission is not only limited to provide a completely working system,

but we provide also a series of services to delivery a 360° well-finished product

starting from designing, testing and the maintenance too

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Project Management

We spend all our strength beside our customer to realize successfully his project, balancing time, costs, performances and human resources, to satisfy highest  customer's expectation.

In this phase we focus on organization and planning to realize the project, meanwhile the customer is always kept up-to-date about completed phases and ones on going.


In this phase is where the project is realized using technical standard as agreed with the System integrator

During this process, our technicians execute all the high-specialized activities, like configuration and/or devices set-up

All of our technical staff , in partnership with our partners, got a high specific training and

qualification, allowing us to execute all the commissioned works, following the highest qualitative standard without overlooking to security.

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Test & Commissioning 

Following "FAT" - Factory Acceptance Test, our team in collaboration with the System Integrator execute the final system test, verifying every  active interconnection in place. This phase begins in our labs, where our team tests every single component in order to provide the System integrator and its customer a truly working solution 

Maintenance Services 

To our customers who want to ensure continuity and system efficiency, we offer system maintenance plans.

As we design the system, we have a deep knowledge of it and all its technical aspects to maintain it

We offer two kind of maintenance services:

- Emergency recover service: in case of unexpected system fault, we can intervene within next 24 hours from customer's advisory, so we can reduce his waiting time and provide a fast system-recover 

- Ordinary maintenance: during the year we schedule in agree with the customer an intervention to check system health-status, when necessary we substitute overused components, like batteries and UPS

The maintenance services allow us to keep the system high efficient, furthermore, allow us to build a continuative and trusty partnership with our customer.

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